Building Inspections: More Safely, Faster and More Accurately Than Traditional Methods



Building inspections with drones provide structural engineering and public adjuster firms with detailed images and data for identifying potential and existing problems.

SkyData's building inspections capture high-resolution, geo-tagged images and 3D models of buildings that can be used to identify the precise locations of deterioration, exposed rebar, cracks, loss of cement mortar and scaling caused by weather and improper construction methods.

SkyData offers a unique service by using a program to fly a pre-programmed, over-lapping pattern along the façade of all sides of buildings to capture detailed images.

SkyData UAV flies the latest drone technology, capturing detailed images with a high-resolution 20 MP camera that delivers images that provide outstanding detail of a building's surfaces, balconies, windows and roof.

The UAV is flown at a horizontal distance of 35 feet from a building’s face and is guided by a program to circumnavigate the building at precise heights to capture overlapping images. The UAV is also flown manually at a closer distance across the face of the buildings and when flying between two buildings that are 25-50 feet apart.


  • Photographs of each building’s façade within 48 hours of the flight.
  • Each photograph has the longitude, latitude and height at which the photograph was taken, as well as the data and time embedded in the image.
  • The naming convention of each photograph is each building’s address and the numerical sequence in which the photograph was taken. Photographs that are taken in the shadows of nearby buildings will be corrected to reduce shadows and enhance clarity.
  • The photographs can be delivered through a secure upload service, or on a CD/DVD.

Problem areas are more easily identified and are seen in greater detail– all without risking inspection personnel on scaffolding or having them rappel down the face of the building.

Whether buildings are 30 feet or 1,300 feet tall, SkyData cost effectively and safely provides images with the details needed to make informed structural engineering and repair decisions.


  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • ​Educational
  • Hotels
  • Office
  • Warehouses