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Monthly Water & Sewer

Construction Progress


Ric-Man International of Pompano Beach, FL, was selected by  Broward Countyto install a water and sewer system in Lauderdale Lakes, FL, neighborhoods. Prior to starting the project, SkyData UAV was hired by Ric-Man to capture pre-construction video of 23.4 miles of roads, sidewalks and driveways that were in the construction zone. The construction area included two single-family home neighborhoods, two apartment complexes and a warehouse facility. The date/time stamped narrated video of the existing conditions were submitted within 30 days prior to commencement of construction. SkyData also delivered mosaic images of each of the neighborhoods, covering 294 acres.


Each month thereafter, SkyData has delivered month-end highly detailed mosaic photographs of each of the five construction areas. Ric-Man provides the photographs to Broward County as part of its payment submission to document the company's construction progress. 

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