SkyData UAV documents existing conditions prior to construction, construction progress and completed work on government road, water and sewer and other construction projects with high-resolution photographs and high-definition video for contractors. Documenting existing conditions with date/time stamped video recordings limits contractor liability against damage claims.


SkyData UAV provides detailed pre- and post-construction video / audio documentation that is captured while on foot or by vehicle, as well as ground and aerial drone photography.

By incorporating SkyData UAV images and data into the construction monitoring workflow, projects can be displayed in detailed 2D orthomosaics images to help improve the overall visual understanding of your construction progress.

Mobilization Phase

  • Pre- and post-construction video survey of the condition of existing facilities, public rights-of way (ROW), easements, roads, private property, and other surface features.
  • Video inspections that delineate all aspects of facilities on site and the surrounding properties.
  • ​At the beginning of the video, the project name and date of taping are superimposed on the picture.
  • As the location of the video tapping progresses, the individual street name are superimposed on the picture.
  • Clear reference as to the location of individual residences (by street number) and/or business (by street number and name) are made on the video audio recording.
  • Videos are run twice the full length of the projects, first facing and proceeding ahead station wise and slightly angled to the right of centerline.  The second run is the full length of the project facing and proceeding back station wise and slightly angled to the right of centerline.
  • Both recordings contain the centerline within the view of the observer.  The taping is continuous during each run.  Areas of special importance and interest are “zoomed-in” on to provide the necessary details and are “zoomed-out” to the original view before proceeding.
  • Aerial video and/or photographs detail conditions of driveways, sidewalks, curbs, pavements, ditches, mailboxes, landscaping, culverts, fences, signs and headwalls and other improvements that could be affected by the construction.

Construction and Post-construction Documentation

  • Periodic aerial photographs and video document completed construction phases.
  • ​Individual images are geo-tagged and time/date stamped.
  • Aerial video and photographs capture the completed work area.
  • ​Digital images are taken on cutoff date for each scheduled application for payment, as well as at each major stage of construction and to document change orders.
  • Final post-construction video and photographs are taken to document conditions after construction is completed.


  • On-time services, enabling clients to meet project specifications, deadlines and to receive timely payments.
  • High definition videos with title slides indicating project location, title, contractor name and other pertinent information.
  • Data/time stamped and narrated video with embedded location name and direction on project-labeled DVDs.
  • Printed and labeled photographs organized and bound in binders.
  • Digital images burned on project-labeled CDs.
  • Secure digital downloads.


Construction Verification - HD Video and Photography • Aerial Surveys